A Little More About Us

Kids wonder kinder garten is among the best preschools in the Ranchi, well known for giving strong foundation for the kids basic education. We have the best known professional and very caring team of teachers maintaining the best ratio per students and teachers to give special care and attention. Established on 2012, its a long way since we have started and very well organized classes and adopting new techniques as visual, audio classes well known as smart classes makes us the best playschool school in the town.

Message from Principal’s Desk

Mrs. Gitashree Ray

Our goal as a elementary educational institution is by far very different to other such institutions in this segment. We pride ourselves not just in providing your lovely young ones with best in class primary education, but also in our ability to, as teachers and influencers for your little stars, provide them with the moral values that they so much require.
As already mentioned in the homepage, our unique curriculum is designed in such a way so as to incorporate life skills in everyday education. Our teaching and non-teaching staff have their training revolved around providing motherly care close as possible to the outstanding mothers. With a warm heart, I invite you to be a part of this ever growing family.